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Behind HEBAism

Growing up in an art inspired family and being raised with her art collector father who was inspired by the international painter Picasso, Heba Ismail expresses life via her unique art. The exposure that Heba had since childhood gave birth to a unique but strong sense of art, which she leaves on her canvases.

Heba specializes in Fauvism and Cubism.

She loved this art because it depends on the manual skill of hand which she trained well in her day to day profession as a dentist. Mastering precise and extremely accurate hand skills that focus on shaping by hand and highlighting beauty, whether through canvas paintings or the appearance of teeth, led to this unique touch on her art, in a uniquely detailed manner.

Because her art is not limited to a certain culture or audience, Heba wanted to extend the message of her art into a wider international audience. And after high demand of purchasing her art and after several international magazines highlighted her work, she decided to leave a digital finger print that keeps her art unique forever.

Now Heba is releasing her first NFT collection to reserve her rights, leveraging modern Blockchain technology. Art enthusiasts can now but her physical canvases, along with her digital form of NFT, highlighting authenticity of her unique pieces.

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